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SS Handling Equipment


We Varadraj Industries are manufacturer and fabrication of Milk Chilling in Bangalore.

We Varadraj IndustriesWhether in the pharmaceutical, chemical or food industry: economical handling systemsare one of the most important process variables. It all depends on handling equipment that is convincing in its function, has an exceptional quality and, in addition, is particularly safe and reliable. Eben handling systems from Müller. Because we at Müller have over 25 years of experience in this field, we design, develop and manufacture everything ourselves.

Therefore, you can rely on individual solutions in top quality for the highest standards. Our worldwide customers value our CE-compliant solutions in the form of a narrow column mast, which always guarantees a good view of the barrel. You are convinced of the very quiet movements, not to mention the service-friendly and low maintenance costs, as our handling systems are virtually maintenance-free.